About Priority

Priority is an  ERP(enterprise resource planning) info system for SMB(small medium business).

The system was developed by  Priority Software (Eshbel)

Founded in 1986,  Priority Software (Eshbel)'s current install base exceeds 5000 sites in over 30 countries, with a combined user community estimated at over 200,000Priority users.

Priority Software (Eshbel) is a private corporation, headquartered in Israel, led by a group of high-tech industry veterans, computer scientists and hi-tech professionals who have been in the software business for many years.

 Priority Software (Eshbel)'s position as the leading local provider of ERP/CRM solutions in the Israeli market, along with continued penetration of international markets, is testimony to the excellence of the products offered and accompanying service provided.

Yissumit  was founded in 2012 and it is one of the main distributer of Priority Software in the local market and in east Europe.

Yissumit  activty: Establishment and implementation , education of local and international ERP projects.