About Us

YissumitHD   is one of the distributer of priority software in the local market and in east Europe.

YissumitHD have a strong & Professional team of experts , developing information systems. Some of the experts give training/teaching The new generation of experts  in  In-line college under Leadership of Priority Software (Eshbel) technology .

We provide training for Priority Software system users: companies and individuals .

For small and medium sized businesses using Priority/Zoom we do project design , adaptation and implementation .

We focus on training to allow your business to maximize the utility you receive from your Priority System.

It’s important to maintain and sustain your knowledge base within your company and insure smooth transfer of skills among employees.

We help you realize the full potential of your information system , as your business grows and develops , thereby improving efficiency ; saving time , money and resources .

We provide complete solutions – from software installation in your company , analysis of your evolving needs and continuous training .

For long-term Priority users we offer lectures and additional training to widen your in-house knowledge base . We also work with you to find ways to improve existing processes .

There are always possibilities for improvement, growth and greater utility!

Come see how we can work together to find the best possible solutions for your needs.

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